Greetings all! Welcome to blogsville, … This is a light-hearted addition to the new website, offering a more personal and descriptive side to my work and travels. By far the most significant event of this Summer is the release of my Dave Maric album, on Onyx Classics. The Borletti-Buitoni Trust has been of tremendous worth throughout the process of realising this project and I am extremely grateful. Catherine and Hannah at Intermusica have persevered unflinchingly too, and their input was particularly high in organising the final sessions etc etc. The end result is one I am very proud of indeed and I hope to reach the widest possible audience with this beautiful music, which to my ears is of a consummately contemporary nature. The album is available through or in the shops. I’m also currently very excited about my Prom, as I always have fun playing in the wild and wonderful Albert Hall. Its space should take to MacMillan’s Veni, Veni, Emmanuel especially well and I intend to give it the big sticks treatment on August 16th. I’m also looking forward to seeing Peter Erskine again, who is playing in the same concert.

Lastly for now, a big vote of thanks to the outstanding Colorado Music Festival Orchestra!! Not only a great set of musicians but a crazed collective party animal to boot – top marks!!

Best, Colin.


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